Rebecca Raymond

A nonprofit devotee, for more than 25 years, Rebecca has been working with change-making organizations dedicated to youth and community development across the globe. Domestically, she has worked as the Director of Family Counseling Services for a San Francisco Beacon Center and the Director of Indian Education for the American Indian Child Resource Center in Oakland. Internationally, she was a youth development Peace Corps Volunteer in the Kingdom of Tonga and has held senior positions with the Asante Africa Foundation based in Kenya and Tanzania, the Foundation for Sustainable Development in Uganda, and currently with FCDE, as the Director of Operations. Her education and clinical training include Master’s Degrees in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco and in International Social Development from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and American Studies with a Peace and Justice Studies concentration from Tufts University.

As FCDE’s first team member (in it for the long haul), Rebecca is inspired daily by the dedicated teams in Uganda who work tirelessly to impact sustainable change. When not writing proposals, procedural guidelines, or technical training curricula, Rebecca serves on three community boards, supports the family business, and can be found embarking on mystical adventures with her daughter typically involving coastal sand, fairy dust, and much laughter. Feel free to contact her at

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