Who We Are

Our Mission

We build local capacity to lead community change in rural East Africa.

Our Vision

Locally led development transforms lives.

Our Guiding Values

  • Local communities lead their own social and economic development.
  • Sustainability grows out of grassroots participation and inclusion.
  • Ensuring that women have a voice and equal access to community resources increases the likelihood of successful community development efforts.
  • Vulnerable individuals and groups facing social exclusion must be included in the community development process.
  • Involving youth in community development ensures deep roots that promote longevity.
  • Collaborations characterized by open sharing of knowledge and network connections achieve greater collective impact.

Where We Work

FCDE operates two regional sites in western Uganda and collaborates with partners working across East Africa.

Western Uganda

Kasese District

Kasese District shoulders the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west and at its heart lies the town of Kasese. The town serves as district headquarters, a main commercial hub and the gateway to spectacular national parks with diverse ecosystems and wildlife. Though an historically important mining region, subsistence farming remains the main source of income for people living in rural areas.

Rukungiri District

With verdant undulating hills, Rukungiri District is located in the southwest corner of Uganda. The modest town of Rukungiri rests atop a hill surrounded by terraced hillsides and valleys. It is an agricultural region with 90% of communities relying on farming for income and 95% of the population living in rural areas with limited access to electricity.

Kasese District
32 active & exited partners since 2012

Rukungiri District
24 active & exited partners since 2015

Our Impact

Building Thriving Communities

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Kasese, Uganda

FCDE Rukungiri, Uganda

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FCDE is proud to work with these inspirational partners in development.

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